Auckland based house washing, window cleaning, spider treatments, wooden deck cleaning & driveway water blasting

We believe that behind every cobwebbed, dirty, mouldy house there's a happy, clean house waiting to realise its full potential.

So at Scotty's we take pride in our work – our meticulous attention to detail is the reason customers keep coming back.

Don't be the shame of the street – whether you're in Ponsonby or Pakuranga, Ramarama or Ranui, Epsom or East Coast Bays, Scotty's can deliver an exceptional house washing service anywhere in Auckland, at an affordable price.


House washing

Regular house washing is an essential part of home maintenance. We safely clean all exterior walls, porches, windows, sills and eaves.

Using mild, environmentally-safe cleaning solutions, we gently wash your house, removing cobwebs, dirt and stains.

We'll clean your driveways, entrance, paths, gutters, and anywhere else that needs to be revived to its former glory.

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Auckland house washing

Window Cleaning

Dirty windows can really make your house feel unclean, especially if they're stained or smeary. And it's so easy to fix!

Crystal clean windows will transform your home.

Exterior window cleaning is part of our Spider Treatment, but we also offer exterior and interior window cleaning as a service in and of itself.

When was the last time you cleaned your windows or pool glass?

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Interior & Exterior Window Wash Combo

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Spider Treatments

Spiderwebs can make any house look unkempt, and without an insecticidal treatment those webs will start to go back up as soon as the lights go down.

Our spider treatment add-on is safe for plants, pets and babies.

Be spiderweb-free for at least 6 months, guaranteed.

– includes Exterior Window Wash –
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Auckland spider treatments

Other services

Time and nature can be a killer bringing moss, mould and dirt to your favourite outdoor living area.

We use modern deck treatments, removing the need for intensive power blasting that can leave decks streaky and furry.

We’ll safely clean your deck, driveway, tiles, path, fence, or any other area you feel could benefit from being restored it to its former glory.

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Save yourself the hassle of driving your car to the cleaners. We'll groom your car, inside and out, on location with our vehicle grooming add-on.

Truck, tailer, car or bike, we'll detail your precious vehicle to within an inch of it's life.

Price Indications

Price indications below are approximate only. Actual prices will be agreed upon on the day of cleaning, before work commences. We aim to keep house cleaning affordable and we'll do our best to fit your budget.

We've split the costs into 3 different categories based on house size. This gives you an indication as to which category you fall in to for pricing.

Here are the categories;


Up to 100m² single-level house
or 2 to 3-bedroom unit


100–160m² single-
or two-level house


Over 160m² single-
or two-level house

House Washing

recommended add-on

Window Cleaning

Some houses have more or larger windows than others, hence they will take longer to clean than houses with fewer, smaller windows. If your house has fewer windows than most you can expect to pay a little less :-)

Exterior only


Exterior + Interior Combo

recommended add-on

Spider Treatments

– includes Exterior Window Wash –

We use a chemical spray that makes the exterior of your house inhospitable to spiders (as well as being an effective controller of other insects). The surface is protected for 6 months, guaranteed. Owing to the over-spraying of windows, an Exterior Window Wash is included in the price.

recommended add-on

Decks, Driveways, Pathways, Gutter cleaning, Patios... etc.

Let's talk about what other areas you need treated before we begin. That way we can agree on price and expectations. As always, we're happy to work with you on a price that is affordable.

Here's an indication for what you can expect to pay for your courtyard to be transformed.

SMALL (<10m²)
MEDIUM (~15m²)
LARGE (>15m²)

We've got some great customers. Here's what a couple have had to say:

We bought our new home a couple of years ago and being proud home owners we wanted to keep our home looking as best as can be. We started getting a lot of spider webs & general dirt & grime so got in touch with Scotty's Aqua Clean to help bring back that new house shine! Scotty's did a full house wash, spider treatment and window clean and the house looks amazing! Such a difference. We highly recommend Scotty's Aqua Clean for a professional, affordable & awesome service.
– Kirsty & Gary, Millwater
They're not the cheapest house washers in Auckland, but we didn't want the cheapest. We wanted, and got, a damn good house and window wash. You get what you pay for.
– David & Julie Lyons, Westmere
Glen helped us bring our house from 'The Addam's Family' to 'House & Garden'. Thanks Glen!
– Heather & Graham Scott
I was a drug addled loser until Scotty's got me clean again. I owe you one, Scotty.
– Shane, BTL

Here are a few examples of our most common questions. We're happy to answer anything else that you require.

Do I supply the water?
Yes. Our tanks need to be kept topped-up with water. We'll connnect your exterior hose tap to our tanks when we arrive.

If you're not on town supply, we do have some small capacity to provide water for the cleaning.
Do you clean roofs?
With modern safety requirements, we've often found roof cleaning to be prohibitively expensive. However, if we can get to it we can clean it. Other options include a slow-release spray that would take some time to work but give excellent results.
Where do you service?
We service the entire Auckland area, house washing from Orewa to the Bombay Hills and everywhere in between.
Will you damage my house?
No. We've got the expertise to treat your house with the respect it deserves. We actually use a relatively light pressure to clean your house, ensuring streaks can't happen. We only use high pressure when attacking your driveway or tiles.
Is it safe?
We use biodegradable chemicals when cleaning – safe for everyone, including the environment.

Our Spider Treatment chemical is an insecticide. When dry, it is harmless to animals, fish and babies. To be safe, we insist that all windows are closed during application, and pets are kept safe indoors.
Do I need to be home?
Initially, yes. After the work has been agreed you are welcome to leave us to get on with our work. Unless you've requested an Interior Window Clean, we don't need access to your house.
What if spiders come back before 6 months?
Our Spider Treatment is guaranteed for 6 months from the date of service. If you see those little guys back before the term is through we'll happily retreat at no extra charge.

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